Hosni Emam

Hosni Emam

As the CEO & CMO of several international companies, Hosni is responsible for driving companies strategic & business interest and continuing to ensure that these companies remains the leader in the industry.

His current brief includes international arbitration counsellor, member in international human Rights organisation, and Arab law union, allow him to head critical institutional business for the companies. This includes creating & selling new products & solutions and managing relationships with some of the top worldwide companies / banks & financial institutions across the globe. In his current role, he is responsible for each company’s forays into newer markets like South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe etc.

On the educational front, Hosni holds. bachelor degree in law, diploma in international commercial arbitration law, hold master degree in a Business Administration, On the personal front, he is passionate about Eco and sustainable products that can enhance our life and change the world, in his early career, he managed to open restaurant group and E-commerce website as an entrepreneur.



About me

  • Deeptech investments

    DeepTech Investments wins from global presence: companies locations, grants programmes and cost effective R&D location.
    Deep Tech Investments team main target is low entry and high exit by aiming to invest in two direction: 1) 10-20%% of our fund in prototype start-up technology where we leverage in our 12 years past experience and our worldwide engineers who has their hand on best R&D that allow us to achieve with low investment and produce technology according to end users demand;
    2) 80-90% % of our fund in our operational technology that already has been implemented in some markets and with our fund can speed up its implementation in other market

    Website: Deeptechinvestments.com

  • NewSpace Capital

    NewSpace Capital is a leading space-focused Private Equity firm. We invest in growth stage deep-tech companies that deliver solutions to identified challenges and serve fast-growing markets. As space sector reaches new heights, we focus on the technologies that enable it and applications that make it useful to the customers on Earth.

    Website: newspace.capital

  • DeepTech Engineering

    is a research and investment holding with a focus on deep tech solutions. Deeptech Lab houses over 60 researchers from around the world who drive deeptech vision of shaping the future through innovative solutions with a strong scientific foundation Deeptech vertical approach model has been bringing together academic laboratories and engineers around the world for more than 10 years. Our portfolio includes more than 100 advanced technologies that are in real demand on the end-user market and more than 90 registered patents.

    Website: www.Deeptech.engineering

  • Acoustery International limited

    Acoustery is a fully automated solution, which is able to monitor and track your health based on the analysis of your voice, cough and breath.
    Acoustery uses state-of-the-art machine learning-based approaches to analyze text and audio data.
    We have collected and analysed thousands of data samples and achieved a 95,6% accuracy rate in health diagnostics.
    Every day our team of experts collects new data in order to achieve a higher accuracy rate.

    Website: https://acoustery.com


    Principal Consultant
    Established in December 2001, is a subsidiary of China UnionPay and China UMS,hat specializes in online payment settlement & cross border RMB settlement.

    Website: global-pay-gateway.com


    Founder & Managing Partner

    Global Payment Gateway Co.Ltd based in Hong Kong, it is a online payment gateway company, the main business is engaged in the payment and settlement.

    Website: global-pay-gateway.com


    We help oil, gas, gold & precious metal executives master the delivery of complex capital projects and capture value that conventional approaches.

    Website: globaltrade-portal.com



    Founded Payment Service Company Oceanlinks Group & Global Payment Gateway

    Specialize in International Payment Solutions for Enterprise

    Involved in multi-national project business development

    Website: eocean-links.com

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